If You Could Hie To Springtime

Mon, Jan 14, 8:21 AM

Well, the title explains a lot. XD We saw the sun again today for the first time since the wall came down. 

How is everyone doing? I hope well. :) 

This week was filled with walking in blowing cold rainy weather outside and visiting members to see if they still live where it says they live. Elder Filbrandt and I have an operation in full force right now. We're trying to strengthen our ward and rescue those who might have been lost with time. Very noble, I know. 

Highlights from this week:

° Still going strong with Come, Follow Me. I am really milking that New Testament study for all it's worth. It's really spiritually uplifting. 
°Ate some sheep for the first time. It tastes a little like it smells. 
°Went to the other ward we're responsible for, an hour north of us, for church. I say ward now, but it's actually a group. There were only 8 people there including Elder Filbrandt and I. The members were very grateful to have the missionaries there. 
°Went on exchanges with Elder Horwath, another Swiss serving here in Berlin. 
°Elder Filbrandt and I only spoke German the whole week, 99 percent of it. 

That's about it. I love you all. I give you my best. Kia Kaha. :) 

Elder Peck


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