Dec 17, 2018, 8:54 AM

Hello my Family,

This week has been interesting. As I've been studying the Scriptures and pondering the nature of the gospel, I have come to appreciate the fact that our Heavenly Father always is rooting for our success, and that means even pointing out how we can improve. Oh how grateful I am.

This Christmas time is quite a special time of year. My companions have been asking people on the streets lately if they believe that Jesus Christ really was born in this time of year about 2018 years ago. That's pretty interesting when you think about it. You cannot separate your faith from facts of the Savior's divine entry into this world, His divine mission on earth, and his poignant exit from this world on the cross on Calgary. If you believe in the doctrine, then you believe that Jesus was a real person in the same history of the world that we study in school. You believe that he lived at the same time as the same people that we study about in ancient Roman and Jewish culture. That really brings that message home. At that point, it's not just an idea. It's a reality.

My study has been mostly the Book of Mormon lately. I won't finish it before the end of the year, because I took a long break to study Isaiah more in depth when I hit 2 Nephi, but I am so grateful for the time I took to really get to know and understand Isaiah. It's blessed me and my understanding of the gospel, of God, of His plan for us, and of His Kingdom. 

The next time I email you will be one day before Christmas. Do all you can to make the best of it. Find someone to serve and have fun with it. 

On an interesting note, on Thursday we had Ward Mission Council, and our Ward Mission Leader told us he had to slaughter his ducks on Saturday, and I asked if we could come along, and he said yes. SO! Saturday we slaughtered ducks. XD We didn't do any head chopping, but we helped pluck the feathers the whole time. We got to witness the whole process, though. I told my mom about this experience, and she said something really good. She talked about how, when we are able to experience this, we receive an appreciation for what these animals go through, and we see up close what that's like for them. She talked about how in this way we gain a better appreciation for using meat and not wasting the animals meat. We might learn to use it more sparingly and to be thankful for it. It reminds me of the movie Avatar. It was a good lesson to learn.

Anywho, I hope you all can enjoy this special holiday and see the reason for the season (that phrase is so overused, but it's a good reminder XD).

I love you all. Have a wonderful week. :)

Elder Peck


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