November 19, 2018

hat's right. You read right. We got transfer calls this past week and after only being 6 weeks away from Berlin, I'M GOING BACK!

Well, that's something we all didn't see coming. I'm going to be serving in the Marzahn area, which is not too far from where I was serving for 8 months in Tiergarten. I leave tomorrow morning.

Elder Wood and I had a packed 6 weeks. It flew by so fast, and then the last week dragged on as we awaited transfer calls, wondering what would happen. I'll miss Elder Wood a lot. We had a lot of fun together and we did a lot of good work.

We have been doing our best this past week to strengthen the ward and the members. It's been working. A great man once said, "All you need is love, duh duh duh duh." Couldn't have said it better myself. 

We had a presentation this past Sunday about the new Come, Follow Me guide book for gospel learning at home. It's super cool. I'm really excited to see how people take it and run with it. It's a really good basis, not too structured, loose enough, and it will help people just have a guiding rod in their scripture study. I also love this idea of everybody reading the same thing at the same time, because I related it to movies/new books that come out. When you're the only one who reads it, you enjoy it for yourself, but that's kinda the end of it. You find deeper meaning in the book, but not super deep. And whenever you ask someone if they've read the book, you're always slightly disappointed that you can't share you're excitement with someone else. 

BUT! Now that everyone is reading the same thing, it'll be like when a new Avengers movie comes out and everybody's talking about it like 
"Whoa did you see that?" 
"Yeah man, that was so cool! I thought it was amazing how they directed that scene! Did you notice how the director made a reference to this movie in that one scene?"
"Nah man, I didn't even see it. That's totally radical, I'll have to go back and watch it one more time."

...and you get the picture. The more we talk, the more we share, the more we realize, the more we think, the more we raise the bar to a new level of understanding. Truly inspired. 

Today for P-Day Elder Wood and I went to Lübeck. It's a really old city from the Hanseatic League (if you don't know what that is, I won't promise it'll be interesting, but it's like 5 seconds of entertainment to read a Wikipedia summary of what that is), and so there were a bunch of old buildings, and we saw a few churchs, and we went to a bookstore with really old bibles, and I found a Bible from 1887, it was so cool! You know you're a missionary when you get excited over really old bibles....

One more thing, I've been doing President Nelson's invitation for the women (reading the Book of Mormon from front to back before the end of the year and marking all the references to the Savior), and it's been super interesting and kinda humbling to see how often the Savior is referenced in the Book of Mormon. This Man meant everything to the Nephite people, and He should mean everything to us. If you haven't started yet, it's not too late. It's never too late. It's not about finishing it before the end of the year, it's about reading the Book of Mormon (but if you can do it before the end of the year, all the better and a golden star for you ;) XD )

I love you all. I hope you have a wonderful week. :)

Elder Peck

P.S. The picture on the whiteboard is Elder Wood's "Hall of Peck".


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