1 Year Stake Conference Reunion

November 12, 2018

Wassup wassup everybody,

This week was full again, and it's astounding to think that this Friday is transfer calls again. Elder Wood and I think we'll stay in Neum√ľnster, but it's possible he leaves. We'll see.

We had Stake Conference this past weekend, and the Stake President gave a very interesting invitation. I don't know if they're doing this everywhere, but he invited the members here to visit other wards in the stake in order to get to know the members and become more familiar and more closely connected as a stake, and they all got a card with a fun fact for each ward on the card, but it doesn't say to which ward the fun fact belongs, so you have to go visit all the wards and find out which fun fact belongs to which ward and get that part of the card signed off, and then they mail their finished card to the stake presidency, and in May the stake presidency will randomly select 3 cards and invite three families to come eat dinner with them at home. That was quite the cool idea, and I think it's this kind of creativity that is accelerating the work of the Lord in the last days.

We've been doing a lot of work with less active members lately, and we've just been doing regular missionary work, but I feel that in the last few weeks we've been able to be a strength to the ward in a way that I haven't felt yet on my mission. It's felt good. 

I applied (finally) for my German driver's license, and it should be done by December 9. So, watch out, German Drivers. XD

We also had lunch with a member who is from Germany and moved to Pennsylvania for 51 years and came back for a visit. It's always super interesting to talk to Travelers. Ever Traveler's got a story. 

Elder Wood and I made home-made schnitzel today for the first time. SO delicious. When I get home, Y'all gonna be lining up to eat some o' my schnitzel. XD 

We also went on exchanges in Kiel, where I found the perfect opportunity to sunbathe by a nice pond. 

Also, here's a picture of my cactus, my little reminder of my home in the desert. I brought it with me all the way from Berlin. :) 

I love it out here. My testimony of the Scriptures grows every day, and I know that everyone who diligently makes the effort to study them every day will find answers to questions they never knew they had, or were even answered in the Scriptures. Truly a miracle. May we all try to come closer to our Saviour this week. He will heal us and make us better. :)

I love you all. 


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