Yuri, the Trainer who Trains.

                                                                                                                             Mon, Jul 23, 2018
Hello One, Hello All,

It's been a quick week! I became a father in the mission this past week! :D That means that I'm training a new missionary who just came from the MTC. It's a rad experience, and it's helping me grow a lot. You learn to lean on the Lord more and watch yourself more when someone is constantly looking to you as an example. I imagine this is what it'll be like being a real father for the first time, but a little more interesting. XD

We just did a lot of finding and regular missionary work. We went and saw the Dom together and enjoyed the history. It's amazing what's happened in this world. Everything that has led up to this time. It's astounding to think of all the people who actually lived and breathed and had discussions and personalities on this earth, who also had a huge impact on where we are today. I feel like sometimes we get so caught in today that we forget the stories and the lights of the past. It's good to remember and to look back on the road we and our family have come on. Sometimes it's a Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and sometimes Lombard street, a but it's your unique story, and your family has paved the way, and now you are paving the way for the next people coming on the road so that they can step a bit further out than you did. What are you doing to pave the road of your heritage further and better for those who will come after you and look back on your section of the family road? Some roads have alleys and side paths from people who lost their way, but I promise you that you can find your way back to Main Street if you look to your ancestors and remember the road they paved for you. 

You are all near and dear to me. I hope to hear from you all. You are amazing family, and I love you with all my heart. :)

Much love, SSOOOO much love,

Elder Peck



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