Walking in a Winter Wonderful

                                                                                                                               July 9th,2018
Hello Family! 

Elder Mazzei and I had a wonderful week this week. We were able to meet with one of our investigators from Africa, and he bore powerful testimony of the changing affect of the Book of Mormon on a person's life. It was astounding to see how someone who is not even part of the church can recognize that God speaks to us, has always spoken to us, and will always speak to us, and that we are continually getting revelation today from the Lord in order to be able to bring to all His children the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I HAVE MORE GOOD NEWS! I also had an INCREDIBLE experience! Ever since I read the book, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, I've wondered what the treat Turkish Delight tastes like, because C.S. Lewis makes it sound like the most delicious thing ever. Well, news flash, IT'S INCREDIBLE! XD Elder Mazzei and I were going by on people for the bishop, and we needed to use the restroom, so we stopped by a turkish candy shop and the owner let us use the restroom for free. I don't know how many of you have been to Europe but using the bathroom for free anywhere outside of your house in Europe is a once in a lifetime MIRACLE. XD So we bought candy to say thank you, and I was not disappointed at all. The Turkish man there was super open to the gospel too, so we would like to go back sometime to buy more sweets and talk with him some more. 

On the fourth of July, I was on exchanges with Elder Potter, and we went to Neukoelln to meet up with a guy I had found in our contacts. Not only did we find two baseball fields in Neukoelln (nowhere to be found otherwise in Germany), but we also stumbled upon the memorial for Gale Halvorson, the Candy Bomber! It was so cool. And the place we were in in Neukoelln looked a lot like parts of Utah I had been in. And the craziest part about it all is that we had all these American experiences is that they all happened on the FOURTH OF JULY! XD crazy...

We also had the wonderful opportunity of being able to go to the temple on Saturday and do a session. What a blessing the temple is. If you haven't found time to go in a while, I would invite you all to go. It is such a blessing. :)

Today Elder Mazzei and I went to Potsdam again to see castles again. 

Something that Elder Mazzei and I have been doing lately is meeting with members who've invited friends to eat with us. It's been a wonderful opportunity to talk about the gospel and about life in general in a very natural setting conducive to conversation.  

I think that's all for this week. 

I know that when you Look for the Lord you will find Him. :) He's waiting for you. 

Alles Gute!

Elder Peck


  1. Belief is the reason we go on a mission. It is the motive for preaching about Christ and sharing/Proclaiming his love. Faith is understanding we are children of God and our Heavenly Father. May this definition of faith bless you in your life. Faith is defined again and because faith has an inherent joy it gives us a solid foundation that we finally have the peace we have been searching for.

    "Many believer's feed themselves on what God hasn't done. When I dwell on what hasn't happened, I create the atmosphere for the spirit of offense to arise and to thrive. When I dwell on what hasn't happened, I legitimize unbelief. I live with a sense of justification, for not believing God.

    Faith in the purest sense is the ceasing of resistance. even when there's no physical evidence, when the other evidence is present. Not feeding ourselves on what God hasn't done Faith in it's purest form is the absence of resistance

    Heaven is a place where everyone is celebrated, some are more honored but everyone is celebrated. All men and all women shall be judged on the light which they have received. Heaven is a permissible culture. God's nature is eternally permissible. These statements protect us from credit.

    Faith in the purest sense is the ceasing of resistance, even when there's no physical evidence, when the other evidence is present. Not feeding ourselves on what God hasn't done. Faith in it's purest form is the absence of resistance. Faith doesn't deny a problems existence, it denies it's influence. He or she was someone whom aridity and desolation never disturbed for he or she had a deeply rooted, and a vigorous faith.

    Now we can act as we have always dreamed. Now we can act as we have always been. Now we can step into the light and gather the sunlight instead of blocking out our possibilities. Instead of blocking out our joy. Variety will bloom in/under the sun. We can show off our best, we can enjoy other people's gifts. We can blossom where we stand upon the joy that faith provides us. Upon the joy that faith inherently has, which blossoms the entire field of flowers"

    .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDYaxabUfkA - The Definition of Faith


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