Berliner Dom and Spanish Influence

Dearly Beloved! We are gazzered here today, for mawwagie. 

Just kidding, that's gotta wait for a little while. But hello, to all my friends and family all over the world! I am so happy to be able to communicate with you a little bit today! :D

This week went by really quickly. It's astounding how fast the time goes by when you've gotten past your first transfer. 

So, this week we met with a Spanish member from our ward, and it was a refreshing experience to spend some time with this family and to experience some cultural differences. We were also able to give one of the grandchildren of the family a blessing. I can only say, that the Priesthood power on this Earth is real, and it is always humbling when we give blessings, and it becomes apparent that God does use us as instruments in His hands when we are worthy to do so. I would challenge you all to strive to live worthy of having Priesthood power in the home because I promise you that Priesthood power is one of the ways that the home can become strongly connected with the blessings of heaven. I know that to be true, and I testify of it. 

Also a funny experience. Out here in Berlin, I have tried Ovamaltine for the first time, which is like Nutella-caliber chocolate spread. It is soooo good. It might even be heaven in a bottle ;) XD Anyway, I finished the Ovamaltine, and there was still a lot left on the sides of the jar, so I thought I would make the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE the world has EVER KNOWN by putting milk in the jar and microwaving it, and then shaking it up and drinking it. 

No sooner had I microwaved it, put the lid back on, and started to shake the jar, than the jar cap exploded off and sent milk flying everywhere. I though, alright, I can take one failure. So I did what any sensible man does. When I get bucked off the horse, I jump right back on. (So is the mentality of a man, isn't it? XD) So I put the lid back on, walked to the sink, and no sooner had I given half a shake to the jar than the jar lid exploded again and sent milk flying everywhere. This is the point where I finally stayed off the horse which had bucked me off. I hope you all enjoyed the story, it was quite the experience. The world is yet to know the magic of Ovamaltine and milk. Maybe a later day.

We were also able to attend a professional musical performance here in our ward building, which included opera, professional violin players, and a professional musical therapist. The amount of talent that came out of that performance was astounding, and the musical therapist talked to us a lot about how music affects our feelings and emotions, and it can bring out the best or the worst in us. I have definitely seen that as I've been out on my mission. Music is a large part of how I feel throughout the day, and I noticed that part of deciding how I want to feel throughout the day includes picking good music that uplifts me and helps me to think positively and overcome trials. I promise you that the effect of music is real, and I challenge you all this week to look through your music list, and see if there are any songs that make it hard for you to be the person you want to be or at least even feel like being the person you want to be. I know that this is a really hard task, but I have seen the blessings from it, and I promise you, that as you choose only the best of music, the kind of music that lifts, inspires, speaks kindly and respectfully, and brings joy to the soul, you will feel a difference in your life, and you will be blessed. 

I will leave you with my testimony. I know this church is true, and I know that God put a prophet on this earth to lead us and guide us, in order to help us be the happiest and most successful people as possible while we are here in this earthly life. That doesn't mean that there won't be hardships and things that don't make sense, but that does mean, that one day, if we've sought God and His will in our lives, that we will look back and fondly think of how we wouldn't have wanted to live life any other way. He knows the way, He knows what's best, and He can lead you to happiness. Lean on Him and find Joy! :D In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Liebe Gruesse,

Elder Peck


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