A Day With Palaces

Hello, my beautiful friends, family, loved ones. You all have a large place in my heart, and I missed not being able to send an update last week, but here I am again. :D

This week was really good! Elder Jensen and I found out that we are staying in Tiergarten this transfer, so we are pumped to do some more awesome work here. 

We have been teaching and meeting with a lot of Spanish people here. Our ward has so many spanish speakers from all over in central and south america, that we have a whole class on Sundays fully in spanish for all of them. Elder Jensen and I have been teaching a lot of lessons in Spanish, which has entailed a lot of brushing up on long-lost High School Sixth Period Spanish Class vocabulary, but it's been really fun and it's amazing to see the multiple cultures that reside here in Berlin. It has also been a huge testament to me that the Lord knows and qualifies who he calls to serve, because if I hadn't known Italian already before the mission, Elder Jensen and I would be struggling a whole lot more in keeping up on the work in the area. I testify to you all that the Lord knows your personally, and if you let every experience in your life become a moment where you can learn something new, you will see that all of your efforts are working for your good, and the Lord will  bless you more than you could ever imagine, in your capacity to become like Him, and in your capacity to help others on the path.

Elder Jensen and I had some appointments this week. We helped some spanish people move, and we had some elders come from Leipzig to practice Spanish in our area, because we have a lot of opportunities to practice teaching in Spanish. 

We had Stake Conference yesterday, as well, and it was uplifting. A good start to the week. We had a member from one of the quorums of the seventy there, and we heard some really good talks from the members, Elder Jensen and I sang in the choir, and we sang some amazing songs, One of which is called "Take Time To Be Holy" in English. I highly recommend looking up this song and singing it a few times this week, or just looking at the lyrics and pondering the meaning. The meanings and messages in that song communicate so many good principles that we can apply in life, and just as a plus, it has a BeAuTiFuL melody as well. x)

We also were able to meet with a member, a spanish member, who is married to an Italian man. Her husband is not active, and it was just really nice to be able to sit and eat with them, and it was especially nice to speak Italian again. It's been strange for me, but I have really started to miss speaking Italian, and I can't explain it, but it seems to be a part of me and where my family comes from (of course XD). 

Speaking of languages, I haven't told many people yet, but my first day in Germany, my mission president changed my mission call, and I am now called to preach the gospel in German and Persian (Farsi). The mission has also asked me to prepare the lessons in Italian, I am called to a Spanish speaking area, and there's an English branch at our ward building. So right now, I'm juggling around 5 languages. It's a huge blessing, and it's a challenge, but I am grateful for this opportunity the Lord has given me to grow and to help diverse peoples.

We are teaching a couple who used to be investigators, and we are hoping to be going forward with them. We'll see how it goes, and I will keep you updated :) We also found a man from Uruguay who we are trying to teach, and a miracle happened yesterday! A woman from our ward messaged us last night and told us that the man she's dating is interested in the church, and she's teaching him about it, and she gave him a Book of Mormon and she's answering his questions and inviting him to church. She said she wanted to involve us in the process, and hopefully intoduce him to us soon and be there when we teach him! That was so courageous of this woman, and I am so grateful for members who are grateful for who they are to the point of sharing the gospel with all of their loved ones. I promise you, if you prayerfully approach inviting people to feel of the sweet peace and promises of the gospel, you may not be "successful" in the way we define the word, but the Lord will *absolutely* be on your side supporting you, and whether they accept the gospel or not, you will see miracles in your life, and blessings will pour out from heaven.

Outside of that, today we went to Potsdam and saw some regal palace and all of it's courtyards and connecting mansions on the land plot. I took pictures, which I will attach, and I included myself in them, just like my mom would like. XD But, that means a lot of selfies, so please excuse the tackiness. ;D XD just joking.

I hope you all have a magnificent week this week, and that you may be able to Take Time To Be Holy, because I testify that as you do, you will feel more at peace with your surroundings, and you will find yourself with more capability to accomplish all that you need to, because the Lord is on your side helping you out. 

I love you all. I know that He lives. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Liebe Gruesse,

Elder Peck


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