Of Friends and Frikadellen

Hallo und Guten Tag!

This week in Berlin was amazing. We have been working with the members still, but we have had a few chances to teach and help and connect this week!

We taught a group of friends who were all searching for the truth, and I thought it was so cool. We had a great conversation with them about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, but what I found even more interesting was the fact that these people all want to know what is true, so they meet together and talk about it with each other. That is so cool. It reminds me of the years very very long ago, like when the Inklings used to get together and talk about writing ideas and discuss plot progression, or when the Sons of Liberty would meet in secret to fight for the sovereign nation. I am so grateful for the Lord's mandate that we also meet together often, that we may learn and grow together, and that we may further the work of the Lord on this earth, and set forth plans on how we'll go about that. That is my challenge for you this week, is to look at church a little bit differently. You are going to church every Sunday to be uplifted and strengthened in order to further the work of the Lord on this earth. What a noble cause!

We also saw a miracle this week! :D Two Arabic people walked right into our church building yesterday, saying that they wanted to know the truth. What a cool experience. 

I want to share a poem with you all before I sign off for the week. It goes...

In the depths of the sentence, He bore with great care
The burdens of people in Lands everywhere
With blood pouring out of all of his pores
He gave us His life, He said, "This is yours"

Great was His caring, His love ran so deep
He took persecution to succor the meek
Without any friends to stand by His side
He took up His cross, and for us He died

He came to this world with a reverence in pace
With the Help of the Father, He grew Grace from Grace
Not worried at all about how He'd survive
He went about doing good and giving men Life

    I have a testimony that the Savior is our Redeemer, and I am super grateful for everything He did to make sure we could feel of His Love in this life. Love is greatest of all, and the fact that we can partake of His love, and the fact that we can share His love with others on this earth is both a miracle and a blessing. My challenge to you this week is to show someone love this week in the Savior's way. 

I know He lives. I know He loves us, and that through Him all is possible, and I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Liebe Gruesse,

Elder Peck

Elder Peck and his companion Elder Jensen


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