Learn to Lean

Beloved People!

I have not written in two weeks now, because of being really busy last week, but here I am again :D 

I just have to say, I am so grateful for trials. The Lord really does show us how we are weak, because He wants to make us STRONG! That is one of the coolest things I have experienced these past two weeks, especially with it being hard to talk to people. Not only that, but missionary work is just not easy in general. But you all know that. But, in the last two weeks, I have noticed that when I show the Lord that I am willing to LEARN TO LEAN (see what I did there ;D XD), that He will show me where my weaknesses are, and as long as I am willing to put forth the effort to lean on Him to try and strengthen the places where I am lacking, He will grant me that strength that I need, and He will qualify me for the work I need to do for Him. And He can do that for you too. I challenge you all this week to think about what your weaknesses are. I promise, and I testify to you, that when you take those weaknesses to the Lord, and you LEARN TO LEAN (see, I just did it again ;D), that He will guide you and mold you into the best version of yourself that you could ever imagine (Ether 12:6, 27)

Elder Hacking and I spent the week last week doing all we could to strengthen the area of Lauenburg, and we also went to Berlin! I will include pictures of that at the end, for those of you who only look at the pictures ;D XD

This week, Elder Hacking and I focused on visiting and strengthening the members here in Lauenburg, and we focused on involving them in the work. Just in case you don't know, you all should know that you are the greatest blessing to happen to missionary work. The missionaries cannot be effective without the members, and the members know the field better than the missionaries do. I challenge you all this week, if you have desires to feel of the joy of the work of the Lord, to contact the missionaries and set up an appointment. You will be a blessing in the lives of those missionaries, and you will become an instrument in bringing people unto Christ. I promise you that, and I know that is true. 


We are teaching this man who speaks Farsi. Luckily he has a friend who speaks Italian ( I think you all know where this is going now), and so we teach him through Italian, and his friend helps us to translate the message to him! It has been so cool to see him, he has such an enthusiasm to read the scriptures and to learn from God, and he wants to find the truth. It is so cool to see that grow in someone else, and to be able to help them grow that. 

Our other investigator is a man who used to take lessons from the missionaries, but we visited him again recently, and he is so ready, and he's attentive, and he's willing to learn. Holy cow, I am so humbled by these experiences. 

This is what we often see in investigators that is so inspiring. They have a hunger and an excitement for the truths that they are finding, and they are constantly finding gratitude in what they have been brought to know by the providence of God. And it is by the providence of God. 

I challenge you all the become an investigator in the Gospel again this week. If you don't know what excites you about the Gospel, I challenge you to spend time this week thinking about that and studying it out. I challenge you especially to take this question to the Lord in prayer. Add it to your prayer lists! :D (which, by the way, I have found out that prayer lists are an awesome idea for various reasons) I testify to you that the Lord knows you, and He knows how you can become excited for the gospel again. He will make your testimonies burning beacons, that will be a saving and guiding light for all those around you. I testify of that as a servant of the Lord. And you know what the coolest thing about light is? You can't hide it. As you do this, others will see your light, and you will become an agent in bringing countless people to a knowledge of their Savior. 

LEARN TO LEAN, and you will become blessed with more than you have ever known. 

I love you all, and I am so grateful to hear from you all week from week :D May the Lord be with you this week, as you learn to lean, and as you reignite your flames! Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He lives, and He worries about you. He has plans to make you great, you only have to ask Him what they are. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Liebe Grüße,

Elder Peck

P.S. I am still working on responding to everyone. If you have not received a response yet, I would love to write you a letter! Just send me your addresses. I still have a lot that are written, and will soon be on the way. I love you all!


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