Warm Greetings, Friends, and Loved Ones! ( You're all loved ones)

This week in Lauenburg has been even better. Elder Hacking and I have been meeting with many members of the church lately, and while our ward here is the smallest ward I've ever been in (about 30 active members, give or take), I love them so much, and they are so strong.

This week, Elder Hacking and I have been putting a greater emphasis on finding the people in Lauenburg who are ready to receive His Gospel. I am so grateful for the examples of the Book of Mormon, and how they show us how to teach with power and authority, and how they show us the importance of sharing the Gospel. I challenge you all to read in the Book of Mormon this week, and as you read, I promise that someone will come to mind that you know who could use the comfort and blessings of the Gospel. I challenge you to reach out to that person or make preparations to reach out to them. I know that as you fast and pray on their behalf, that the Lord will work Miracles in your lives as you take the message of the Gospel to His children.

I testify that He loves His children, and He wants them all to have an opportunity to come to Jesus Christ and be able to become clean through His Atonement, that they may be blessed by the ordinances of the Gospel and of the Temple.

As you make goals for this next year, I challenge you all to seek guidance from the Lord, because He knows you, and He knows what you're potential is. I testify that as you seek His help in making goals for the next year, that you will receive guidance and revelation. As you pray, as you fast, and as you feast on the Words of Christ, which are the scriptures and the words of His holy prophets.

I am so grateful for you all, and for all of your support. Some things I am working on this week are patience, and being specific in my prayers. I know that the Lord will also help me, as I put forth the effort and show Him that I am willing to learn from His example. 

My favorite hymn this week is The Lord is My Light (number 89 in the hymnbook).

I challenge you all to sing that song this week and think of the lyrics. It truly rings with the Spirit. :)

I love you all. God Be With You Til We Meet Again.

Liebe Gruesse,

Elder Peck


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