For The Beauty of the Earth

Salutations! ( for all those of you who've read Charlotte's Web)

This week in the mission field was amazing. The Lord will definitely show His hand when we are looking for it. 

I have started to translate for lessons in Italian for two investigators we found in Wartenau this week, which has been a wonderful experience for me. I'm starting to realize how important it is, like it says in the scriptures, that everyone should hear the gospel in their own tongue. But, when you live somewhere where everyone speaks the same language, you may ask, how you can still do that?

Well, it's a good thing you asked. Even though you may all speak the same language, every still feels the love in a different way, and that is for sure a different language. This week, I challenge you all to find someone you know who needs love, to ponder about what their needs are, or in other words, which method or "language" will best communicate this love, and then to plan to show it to them and follow through! You will become an instrument in the hands of the Lord, and I testify that you will start to feel the love for the Lord's children that he has for them.

This week we had an experience, where we helped a member chop wood in his old German barn, and it was so cool. I learned how to chop wood, which had more to it than I thought it did!

We also helped a man with a house he's renovating. Who knew the Lord was preparing me for my mission through construction work? We stripped his whole bathroom. We took out the walls and the floor down to the dirt. It was hard, work. It sufficeth to say, that we brethren did indeed sleep exceedingly well that night.

My favorite song for this week is the one in the Subject line. I challenge you all to take time to sing it and ponder the lyrics. We truly are so blessed to have this earth, and there is beauty all over. I am sure missing the beauty of Arizona. I challenge you to take time this week to appreciate the things that we take for granted on this earth. Seek out these things that we take for granted, and make an effort to show gratitude for them. Good things would be like, the earth, the sunset, paved roads, food in our bellies, another day of life, etc. The Lord has promised us that He increases those who have gratitude in all. And we truly are so blessed.

I just finished the book of Helaman this week. The Book of Mormon truly is a testament to Jesus Christ. One of my favorite verses from Helaman is...

Helaman 5:37 because of the message of peace that it tells us of. I challenge you all to take time to have some quiet in your day this week, and to meditate, and meditation includes reading scriptures, or what you see monks do in cartoons. I know that as you take some time to have quiet and to ponder in the day, that the Lord will provide you with inspiration and revelation.

Read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon! I know they're true, and I love them! I hope you all have fantastic weeks and thank you for the birthday wishes :D

Liebe Gruesse,

Elder Peck

The Elbe River


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