Fast Da

Hallo meine Freunde und Verwandte!

It's been a full week, and if you want to know how my week started out, all you need to know is that I fell off my bicycle twice on the way to church due to black ice and loose ground, and unfortunately, it also cost me my pride, but that's good, because I didn't need that anyway as a missionary ;) XD

This week, Elder Hacking and I are still looking for investigators. We are learning to experiment with new methods and to try new conversation starters and such. We know that everyone can benefit from the message of Christ, and so whatever we can do to make the best environment for them to learn about Him and how he can make our lives better than we ever imagined, that's what we'll do.

We had exchanges this week, and I went to Bergedorf, where I did missionary work for 24 hours with another missionary named Elder Earl. He's really cool, and I loved working in Bergedorf. 

We were also able to watch the program that announced President Russel M. Nelson as the new president of the church, and the program with the press conference. I am so grateful for a prophet that leads the children of God today, and I know that Russel M. Nelson was chosen of God to lead this church. If you don't have a testimony of that, you shouldn't feel ashamed. I do challenge you, however, to take the time and effort to find that out for yourself through prayer and supplication with God. I promise you He will answer your prayers, and you will have the comforting reassurance that God does speak to His children on the Earth, and He cares for them, and He warns them from dangers in their lives, spiritual and physical, because He wants the best for us. 

I must be frank with you, though. Nothing good comes free, which means that finding these answers will take effort on your part, such as showing God you want to know the answers, by praying, fasting, and searching the scriptures. The efforts we offer up to God to show Him that we want to learn of Him and grow through Him will not be wasted, and He will raise you up, I promise you that. 

Wednesday, we helped a member move the couches in his sitting room in his house, which was fun and challenging. All those bicep reps in the apartment every morning are definitely paying off, lemme tell you ;) XD

The last experience I'll share with you all this week is from Saturday, when Elder Hacking and I were in Schnakenbek. We came upon a graveyard, and for whatever reason, I felt like going into the graveyard, so we went in and paid our respects to the graves in there, but as I walked through, I started to think of a play I was in called Our Town. I thought of a part in the play where Emily Webb, a principle character, dies and is allowed to revisit five minutes of her previous life. She chooses to revisit her 12th birthday, and at first she joys in the moment, but her joy quickly turns to horror as she realizes how much in life she'd taken for granted. Simple things, like the way her mother smiled at her, or the fact that she had her family, and just the simple gift of life. She asks one of the people in the graveyard with her as she watches on in horror, "Do humans ever realize life while they're living it? Every... every minute?"

 I started to cry as I related this to Elder Hacking, my companion. I don't think humans realize life while they're living it. We forget to enjoy the simple things in life that in fact mean the most, and that message really sunk with me then, and it really sinks with me now.

I hope you all can challenge yourselves this week, to realize life while you're living it. Every every minute. There is so much that we will miss at the end of this life, and if we don't learn to enjoy it, we will miss out on the full meaning of life and the simple things that bring us the most joy. 

I wish you all the best this week. I love you all.

Liebe Grüße,

Elder Peck

P.S. Same as before. I am still working on writing everyone back. If anyone is looking for my address to send letters to, it is...

Elder Gabriele Peck
Germany Berlin Mission
12209 Berlin


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