Leaving for the MTC

On November 8th, Gabri left for the Missionary Training Center. It was an emotional day for all of us, but we were all happy about the decision he made to serve the Lord.

When he arrived to Salt Lake City my sister Ilenia and her family picked him up, had lunch with him and took him to the MTC.

At the MTC uncle Jack (Mason) went to greet him and sent us the following pictures. It really made me happy to see them, I could see that Gabri was happy and that he was in good hands. 
We are now in December and uncle Jack has sent us many pictures of Gabri and his companions as he would run into them while working at the MTC, and has also helped us by delivering a package to him. We are very grateful for uncle Jack.

Uncle Jack and Gabri

Other missionaries helping Gabri with his luggage

Our dear neighbors and friends have a son working at the MTC, and he met Gabri shortly after he got there.

Paula John's son met Gabri at the MTC


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