First Letter: Believe in Him, Believe in Hymn

Hello All Friends, Loved Ones, and Family!

      My first week here in the MTC has been amazing. It's very interesting how when we focus on the Lord, the problems we used to think were hard are not so hard anymore, because He takes on some of the burden, and helps us to become closer to Him and more like Him.

      This first week has been jam-packed with orientations, classes, and a lot of shots in the dark!
On our third day here, we started to teach an investigator named Bjorn, and he's been really hard to connect with thus far. We've had three lessons with him, and my companions and I (I'm in a trio) are still trying to find the message of the Gospel that will help him the most and connect with him the most.

      I was appointed District Leader this week, and by far it is my favorite calling. I have seen and I testify that when the Lord calls us, He ordains us with certain abilities and His grace to fulfill His will.I have seen it as I've served my district, and I have grown to love my district so much. 

      Also, I've found some Italian missionaries, and I've been speaking to them in Italian whenever I get the chance, which is more difficult now because I'm constantly swapping the words I know in Italian with words I'm learning in German on accident.

      The title of this email has to do with the power of hymns that has become incredibly evident in my life in just the past six days. I have sung 5-6 hymns a day since I got here, and they are one of the things that keeps me going in the day. I testify of the power of hymns to you all, and if you ever have a down moment, or your struggling with something, sing a hymn,it is sure to help lift your spirits, and it will help you feel the Spirit, which is what we want to have as our constant companion.

      I'm in a trio of companions, it's me, Elder Ashworth, and Elder Cheung, and we love each other and get along really well. 

      I hope you all are doing well. I miss all the people I love at home. If any of you want to write me a letter, there's Dear Elder, and those letters get delivered the same day. 
      I love you all. I don't have much time, so I will hopefully be able to write more next week. I'll leave you with a spiritual thought and a challenge. The Lord only demands our best, but our best today is different than what our best will be tomorrow. As we strive to give our best everyday, ask the Lord what it is that you can do to be better every day, or ask Him "What Lack I Yet" and He will answer. 

      I have noticed since being in the MTC that there are a lot more things that I could be working on in my life than I realized.

The Lord loves you and wants you to be happy! And be happy for this is a gospel of Hope and Happiness and Love! :D

Liebe Gruesse,

      Elder Peck


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