Eine Kleine Stadt

Oh Freunden, Familien, 

Ich bin sehr dankbar für Sie!

This was my very first week in Germany, and the first area I have been assigned to is Lauenburg, which is a little town to the east of Hamburg. 

I have realized what everyone meant when they always said, "Wait until you get to the field." I have had more trials and challenges in this week's time than I had in six weeks at the MTC. Nevertheless, I am so grateful for these trials and challenges, because they are reminders of how we must always rely on the Lord if we are ever to be delivered from our enemies and the things that plague us.

We have done a lot of streets contacting this week, with some door-to-door contacting as well. It has not been very easy, but we continue to trust in the Lord for guidance and the Spirit by us as we look for those who are ready for the gospel.

We have no investigators here in Lauenburg and have had only one referral. I loved our referral. She is a woman who is already baptized but is from Poland, and so living in Germany is hard, while she speaks better English than German. We visited her and invited her to church, and we promised her that as she put aside her worries and showed the Lord that she was ready and willing to do as He asks, He will bless her with any needs she has in order to do that. (1 Nephi 9:6)

I give only short testimony, and that is that Jesus lives, and he is with us every day. 

I realized this morning something very important. If a miracle is something that cannot be explained by the knowledge of the world and is beneficial to those it affects, then faith is a miracle. 

Remember that your Father in Heaven knows and loves you, and He is willing to bear you up in your burdens, especially when you are about doing His work. 

I invite you all to think of someone in your life who is ready for the gospel. I testify to you, and I promise you, that as you fast, pray, and prepare to share the gospels with these souls, that you will see miracles, not only in your life but in theirs as well. That is my challenge for you.

I testify of the Living Christ, and that He is the Way and the Light. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Liebe Gruesse,

      Elder Peck


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Caroling around the cities nearby Hamburg





  1. I finally got a call from your mom that helped me to read your letters they are awesome. I am so priud of them ... glad you are ok from ice, bike falls. I love your attitude. Keep up the good works, God does love you, and so do I, love you , love Gma.......bcuz


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